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kenpoKenpo is a mixture of Chinese and Japanese martial arts

Our martial arts system is known for multiple hand strikes, kicks, circular and linear movement, which is the hard and soft system. Some of our Masters interpet this as "Yin" and "Yang." Our Kenpo system is dated back 2000 years to the Shaolin Temple in China, where the original monks taught and practiced the martial arts. This was known as Shaolin Ch'uan Fa which is referrred to as the Shaolin Five Animal Style. The five animals are the Snake, Tiger, Leopard, Crane, and Dragon.

Why should you train in Kenpo?

Kenpo Karate opens your mind, body, and spirit to every single arena in the martial arts. Kenpo is the whole core of the martial arts. Kenpo does not only have the high kicks from Tae Kwon Do, it also has hip throws, grabs from Judo, submission holds, armbars from Jui-Jitsu, slow movements from Tai Chi, elbows and knee strikes from Muay Thai boxing, and low smashing kicks from Wing Chung Kung Fu. Kenpo allows you to learn skills on your feet as well as on the ground. This system is a more practical line of self defense in case you are attacked.

Is Kenpo the best martial art?

This depends because each student is looking for a specific need or interest. They may be of the following: stress reduction, weight loss, muscle tone, discipline, weapons training, Cardio Kickboxing, self-defense, tournaments, coordination, flexibility, and/or women's self defense classes. A student does not have to be a certain size, weight, shape, or age to learn Kenpo. Kenpo is for anyone starting at age four and up. Why not learn all about the best ways to defend yourself, instead of just one type? United Studios of Self Defense Inc. gives you the opportunity to focus on all arenas in the martial arts.

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