G and G Associates
Customand standard machined precision mechanical assemblies and components
MIL-I-45208 & ISO 9002 Certified Components
We CNC manufacture gear assemblies, spur gears, helical gears, worm gears, mitre gears, racks, differentials, speed reducers & anti-backlash gears.
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Custom Machining
Custom and Standard Components
cnc machining
We have an extensive CNC precision machining capacity used for manufacturing both custom and standard components: CNC jig boring, milling, turning, grinding, and Swiss-type screw machining. Tolerances of ±0.0001" are typical. True position call-outs of 0.0005". All parts are manufactured to meet MIL-I-45208 qualifications.
Precision Screw Machine Work
To supplement our extensive primary capacity, we have installed flexible, high-speed secondary machines to provide fast responses to customer requirements while maintaining the highest quality standards.
Quality Control
For over 30 years, quality has driven Gear Suppliers. Today, we incorporate the latest inspection techniques and a continuous improvement program to ensure that quality standards are maintained at the highest levels.
Large Inventory

We also warehouse a very large inventory of standard components. We can cross reference Berg, Allied Devices and Stock Drive part numbers.